Juicing Organic or Non-organic Fruits or Vegetables Using your New Juicer

It has been widely assumed that organic produce that can be juiced trumps their non-organic counterparts although organics can be pricey. But if you are really into juicing, you need to get the best juicer today to make sure that you get exactly what you need. . Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that you can juice using your new juicer along with information to help you understand which ones you should get organic or non-organic.



Peels of apples have plenty of nutritional benefits. A lot of studies said that the peels are rich in phytochemicals such as phenolic acids and flavonoids because the peels tend to directly interact with the sun. Also, some studies revealed that apple peels have minerals like potassium, calcium, folate, iron and phosphorus as well as antioxidants like Vitamin A and C. The point here is that juicing apples with their peels will help you get the full benefits.


Definitely, it is not easy to peel grapes to get maximum benefits from this fruit. However, juicing does the wonder for you. Grapes have been making headlines about their anti-aging ability. In fact, this is the reason people consider red wine as a nutritious drink. Thus, organic red grapes must be consumed with the skins on. These contain resveratrol, an anti-aging marvel.


Cucumber peels also have great nutritional benefits. They are fiber-rich and have minerals like potassium, silica and magnesium that make them best for hydration and keeping your tissues healthy. Silica is a crucial component of connective tissues in tendons, muscles, bone and cartilage. Cucumber juice, with organic cucumber peels on, provides an abundance of silica for improving the health of the skin.


If you are planning to juice potatoes, you should not leave out the peels. They have more vitamin C than oranges and must be left on as long as the potato is organic.


Celery is also an essential vegetable for juicing because of its ability to help in diluting the taste of any strong concoctions of vegetable juices. Because it is not easy to peel celeries, these must be bought organic.

Green Beans and Leaf Greens (Collard Greens and Kale)

These vegetables should not be left out of your juicing diet if you wish to be in real shape inside and outside. Also, get these organic.


You can certainly peel peaches so you don’t have to buy them organic.


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