Juicing Guide For Beginner Juicers

Juicing is a simple way to consume a variety of vegetables and fruits in a fun as well as efficient way. As long as you have the right juicer to use, the process can be done smoothly. A few guides and tips can get you informed about how juicing can work for you.


Reasons to Juice

Juicing is a great way to give yourself a large boost of body nutrients with minimal time and effort. Even if you are new to it, you have surely learned about how people are enjoying this healthy trend and are taking advantage of the benefits of juicing.  Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy from juicing.

  • Easy and Quick Digestion- Lots of people have slow digestion. Such maybe caused by different factors which include inactivity, medications, aging or dehydration. As fresh juices are placed into your body’s system, digestion is hardly needed. The contained vitamins and minerals in juices will enter the system rapidly.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits- Oxidation is one of the causes of aging. The aging process that takes place in your face and body occur in the same way. You body is affected by free radicals that will destroy your living cells. But with the help of antioxidants, the free radicals will be neutralized preventing excessive production and damage. Certain fruits and vegetables that can be juiced are antioxidants themselves.
  • Improve Cardio Health- Juicing is truly an efficient means of giving the body the essential nutrients that you can get from certain fruits and vegetables. Your artery walls can be particularly be made damage-free through the help of Vitamin C and E contained in your fresh juice. Also, this juice also has nutrients like magnesium and potassium that are essential for good heart function.


The Best Fruits and Vegetables to Juice

Pretty much all vegetables and fruits can be juiced. In fact, the more you juice the more benefits you will get. Although it’s difficult to tell which fruits and vegetables are best for juicing, you can take into account some good rules of thumb here.

  • Organic or Non-Organic- Organic vegetables and fruits are really better. However, they are pricey. But it’s not really necessary to purchase all organic stuffs.
  • Diversity- For many, juicing is beneficial because this allow them to consume different fresh produce. Try to use as much fruit or vegetable combinations as you can to get maximum benefits. This allows you to fill your body with essential nutrients from foods which you may not have time to prepare.  Juicing kale, spinach, and wheatgrass are great greens to juice but they should be done with a masticating juicer.

The Best Juicer to Purchase

It is truly imperative to select the best juicer the market has today. Before you rush off to purchase a juicer, spend some time doing research online. Check out http://www.veggiefiles.com for a list of the top juicers of 2016.  Omega, Breville, and Kuvings are some of the best brand names to consider when looking to purchase a new juice extractor.